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The Piper Chieftain is a 10 seat, twin engine aircraft. The aircraft is capable of operating in most weather conditions and at night, under the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). GSL Aviation are able to offer the Chieftain for air charter in Cairns, and the aircraft offers one of the most economical charter solutions for its size class. The Chieftain can be configured to carry up to 9 passengers, or up to 900 kg of freight. The Chieftain also has air conditioning for passenger comfort.

GSL Aviation Piper Chieftain Aircraft
GSL Aviation GA8 Airvan Aircraft

GSL Aviation operate up to 6 Airvans during our peak periods. The aircraft offers a fantastic platform for scenic flights, with 8 seats in the aircraft, each with their own large window for easy viewing. The aircraft is a high wing construction, improving visibility out either side of the aircraft. The Airvan is manufactured in Australia, and is quickly becoming a new-age utility champion, fulfilling a number of roles around Australia and the world. Aside from excellent visibility, the aircraft features a large cabin and easy access through the sliding rear door, making it perfect for short-haul freight solutions. The Airvan is typically used for our Great Barrier Reef scenic flights in Airlie Beach and Cairns.


The Cessna 206 is a well known utility aircraft. The Cessna 206 has been operating around the world for more than 50 years, with a simple and effective design making it cost effective and efficient in a variety of roles. The 206 has a high payload for its size, and can comfortably seat up to 6 persons on board (5 passengers plus the pilot). GSL operate just one Cessna 206, which was refurbished in 2014, including new paint, interior, engine and passenger intercom system. The aircraft is a high wing construction, and offers great visibility. We offer the aircraft for charter, and use it to conduct regular scenic flights over the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

GSL Aviation Cessna 206 Aircraft
GSL Aviation Cessna Grand Caravan Aircraft

The Grand Caravan is a 14 seat turbo-prop aircraft. The Caravan is legendary in the outback, and has an impressive combination of speed, range, payload, and cost effectiveness. The Caravan is capable of carrying up to 13 passengers, and has a large cargo pod for accompanying luggage or freight. The aircraft seats can also be removed, to allow for substantial freight loads in the cabin. The Caravan is a truly versatile and reliable charter aircraft.

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